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Japanese auto parts supplier in China by the earthquake, "upper"?
The impact of the earthquake in Japan that some Japanese automotive supplier production plans, but these new orders are not necessarily auto parts manufacturers in China will bring opportunities, but may be good or some European and American China Taiwan suppliers.

"Now is the market, but we can not catch. Manufacturing of automotive electronic components need to core technology, the present mainland of auto parts supplier that is also very little need to practice hard work right." Continental, a car OEM automotive electronics engineer told " First Financial Daily "reporters.

Eastern wealth through mobile phone software stocks do not rise Secret how to do their shares? Careful attention to market suddenly reversed! Are likely to be exceptionally good afternoon earthquake highlighted Japan's car firms in Mainland China strongly dependent on the fact that the Japanese auto parts. According to public information in 2010, China imported 10.91 billion U.S. dollars the value of the Japanese parts and components, accounting for 39.9% of total imports of auto parts. Classification point of view from the parts, transmission, brake systems, engine parts, steering parts, corresponding to class in China by 2010 the proportion of components in the proportion of the amount of imports is relatively high.

Although the Japanese joint venture, the localization rate of all models up to 80%, and even some models up to 90%, but some key components were imported. In a number of OEMs in the procurement system, the mainland is simply not purchasing a number of parts manufacturers list. The earthquake in Japan has led to a joint venture of Japanese and even European and American series of joint ventures, supply of spare parts. "If you find automotive replacement components, it takes at least 3 months time." The engineer told reporters.

Borg Warner, a former marketing department, told reporters that although some OEMs only one supplier, but they filter out a list of libraries, if the first problem, it will turn down the analogy, this Replacement will not be long, needs to be done before the anti-stress tests have been done. But, if a component is in short supply in the market, several suppliers, then the difficulty of replacing and re-negotiations on most of the time may be delayed a year or two years.

"The earthquake in Japan affected the production of auto parts supplier of electronic components for more area, but the continent does not have core technology, precision core parts such as chip technology is not a year or two can catch up . can only say that the opportunity comes, we can not catch. "The automotive OEM automotive electronics engineer.

However, the country's passenger car joint Rao, secretary general of the view that the shortage of spare parts after the mainland firms can learn from it. Japan earthquake tells us that in the context of globalization, we should try to ensure the integrity of the industry chain. Our highly dependent of foreign auto parts system to accelerate the key auto parts and electronic components of the depth of localization, in order to prevent or reduce the types of risks.

To enhance the development of domestic auto electronics manufacturing capabilities, "China's automotive electronics based on independent R & D and industrialization of the software alliance" 7 in Beijing. The Alliance FAW, SAIC, Changan, Chery, and Price Waterhouse Ltd. and other infrastructure software, launched 20 units composed of members of the League coverage independent vehicle manufacturers, automotive electronics R & D units, automotive electronics manufacturers, universities and research all sectors of the industry chain. Union will be made through the development of basic software automotive specifications, promote the formation of a new automotive electronics software industry chain model; through innovation and development for the Chinese automotive applications based on the characteristics of software to promote the industrialization process, to meet the vehicle manufacturers within the industry companies and parts manufacturers in the technology needs of independent research and development to enhance the domestic industry in the areas of automotive electronics competitiveness of core technology. Shanghai on April 7 at the same time open up "a car network" industrial base, the initial investment size of up to tens of billions to support automotive electronics, information and communication and development of software solutions. Chang led, Chongqing is also accelerating development of automotive electronic components of cooperation.