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Toyota dumping of substandard parts
REVIEW: Zhejiang Industry and Commerce Administration, the Consumer Protection Committee, Zhejiang Province announced that nearly a month automobile market regulation, the province's five illegal 4S shops there, including direct supply Yiwu found FAW Toyota auto parts there is no product certification, test reports no problems.

Recently learned, Zhejiang Industry and Commerce Administration, Consumer Protection Committee, Zhejiang Province, at the "Toyota car problems & Automotive Consumer Rights rectification services briefings" on the announcement, over the past month found Zhejiang auto market regulation, all Province, there is compulsory automobile 4S shop tying, price increases outside of commercial bribery, false advertising and accessories such as five types of illegal substandard ingredients, including Yiwu found FAW Toyota auto parts there is no direct supply of product certification, no testing report and other issues, and has been a criminal investigation.

It is understood that the province's industry and commerce departments at all levels has been to initiate an investigation on illegal car sales service 92 cases, of which 37 were suspected to force the tie-ins, commercial bribery, 38, unlicensed operation 2, the counterfeit trademark accessories 3, the total value of 860 cases million yuan. The failure of Toyota spare parts which are sold in China has attracted wide attention.

March 18, Yiwu City, Yiwu Industrial and Commercial Bureau examination revealed two FAW Toyota 4S shop warehouse more than 1,700 Toyota brand spare parts, neither product quality certificates, can not be testing the product inspection reports issued by the agency. It is understood that these parts are the direct supply by the Toyota's.

The survey found that two 4S stores selling auto parts by Toyota Motors Warehousing and Trading (Japanese owned) Limited (hereinafter referred to as the Toyota warehouse) placement. Toyota warehouse on-site inspection and investigation and found that most of its warehouse for storing the 4S shop sells no products, automotive parts compliance certification.