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Analysis needs to rely on the old drivers fuel-saving technology
BEIJING, Zhengzhou, April 8 (Xinhua Hu Ying) April 7, the National Development and Reform Commission on refined oil prices have again been raised. With the domestic oil prices continued to rise, car owners have increased spending. In order to save fuel costs, some owners will reduce the variety of fuel-efficient cars as the cost of product "life-saving straw", and many auto repair shops and auto sales and store network also will be selling fuel-efficient products.

8 am, the reporters in Zhengzhou City, a gas station to see the North Central, 97 # gasoline now sells for 7.88 yuan per liter, 0.42 yuan per liter raised; 93 gasoline now sells for 7.46 yuan per liter, liter raised by 0.4 yuan; 90 per liter of diesel now sells for 7.04 yuan, 0.38 yuan per liter raised ... ...

Oil prices stimulated the nerve of car owners how to reduce car fuel costs, as car owners are most concerned about the issue. North Central reporter visited the city several auto parts that, at present, auto parts fuel-efficient products on the market as many as dozens of species, summarized in the gasoline additive and fuel-efficient fixtures two categories. The price is relatively cheaper additives, while the prices of fuel-saving devices much more expensive.

Selling the same fuel-efficient products on the Internet. Taobao reporter to "fuel" as the keyword search to find more than 20,000 fuel-efficient products are being sold, sales prices mostly ranging from tens of dollars to several hundred dollars, a few asking price as high as thousands of products dollars. Fuel efficiency of products, most businesses have to ensure that "it did", to about 10% fuel economy, some businesses even claimed that the fuel economy of up to 20%.

Automotive fuel saving product in the end can? Several journalists interviewed the owner and found that the effects of their fuel products mixed.

Lin said the owner, he used the gasoline additive is a gas station in the North Circular road to buy. When the staff told him that the gasoline additive ratio is 1:10000 with petrol, fill up after only add a few drops is enough. Already used a bottle, there was still so little effect.

Of course, compared to Mr. Lin, Ms. Cui becomes not so lucky. Ms. Cui online late last year ordered an import of energy-saving products. Merchant said the products can achieve fuel efficiency of 20%. After use, Ms. Cui found that fuel consumption has said no such business. As to the oil in the filling of the additive, resulting in frequent alarm lamp unit, and finally had to Depot repair.

Auto industry sources, the current fuel market is chaotic, the product most unworthy of the name, the actual fuel efficiency is limited; there are some products although there are research institutes, university laboratories and other reports issued by the certification, but most are exaggerated. When blended gasoline fuel product, this could damage the engine block and cause the vehicle. According to relevant provisions of the insurance contract, the resulting loss of vehicles, insurance companies are exclusions for. Therefore, caution fuel-efficient vehicle to remind the majority of products. Especially the new car, not easy to use, so as not to damage the car.

The driver has 20 years of driving experience to advise the majority of them are owners, "In general, vehicle fuel consumption and driving habits, engine performance, the actual road conditions and other factors. Owners want fuel economy, should be to develop good driving habits from the start . First, to maintain a reasonable speed; Second, should avoid prolonged cold-start engine heat up time; third is shipped to avoid unnecessary idling, if the parking time is longer, you can turn off the engine; four is the right time to grasp the speed, shift to promptly and accurately; five is to reduce vehicle weight; Sixth, always check the tire pressure and wear, such as the sliding distance was found to reduce the vehicle, check tire pressure. (End)